Gums & Hydrocolloid Ingredients

Hydrocolloids and gum ingredients in food allow manufacturers to fine-tune delicious products that customers love. Using various types of top-quality hydrocolloids and gums from Tilley, manufacturers can generate exceptional results in a wide range of applications, from salad dressing to desserts to meat alternatives.

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Hydrocolloids and gum ingredients in food achieve excellent results as thickening agents, emulsifiers, and elements of resilient gels. This versatility means these ingredients are found in a wide range of foods, including baking, meat & poultry and other applications.

We provide a reliable supply of the most common types of food hydrocolloids, including:

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Tilley is dedicated to your success. We support every customer’s growth by constantly investing in research and development, exploring new suppliers, expanding our storage capabilities, and meticulously strengthening our Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures. By adding Ingredients Solutions, Inc. LLC in 2021, we have expanded our food and beverage ingredient catalog to become the go-to distribution partner for food manufacturers anywhere in the world. 


What makes “natural” hydrocolloids natural? How are they made?

Hydrocolloids are sourced from seaweed, trees, seeds, and other natural organisms. This makes most hydrocolloids and gums organic-allowed food ingredients.

Are hydrocolloids food additives?

Hydrocolloids are a family of natural-allowed food additives that enhance product appearance, extend shelf life and improve texture and mouthfeel.

What are gums in foods?

Gums serve a number of roles in effective food design, including as emulsifiers and thickening agents.

Is the gum in food safe to eat?

Gum ingredients in food are considered safe to eat and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Some gums, like guar gum, may offer anti-inflammatory properties that benefit digestive health.

Is a hydrocolloid an emulsifier?

Hydrocolloids like xanthan gum, guar gum, and others are often used as emulsifiers or thickening agents in diverse food applications.

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