Tilley's lubricant division facility.
Tilley’s lubricant division facilities in Belcamp, MD.

About Tilley Distribution

Tilley Distribution is a global supply chain partner committed to delivering high-quality products and value-added services to partners across multiple industries. Since 1952, we have delivered on quality, integrity and commitment. These core values, in combination with our state-of-the-art equipment and unmatched expertise, are what make Tilley an invaluable partner to customers and manufacturers across the world.

The Services & Divisions of Tilley

Our different divisions help us provide products and services to clients in multiple industries with the overall goal of building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers, customers, employees and the communities in which we work.

Tilley Distribution is made up of Tilley Ingredients & Specialties and Tilley Lubricants. In addition to these two divisions, Tilley Distribution also offers custom blending and packaging and R&D lab services to help you build a supply chain solution unique to your business.

What Sets Tilley Apart

At Tilley, we invest in everything we do. Not only can we help you fill the gaps in your supply chain, we can also build customized solutions with the assets we own to help lower your overhead costs.

When you choose Tilley for ingredient or lubricant services, you can expect:

  • Supply chain assets owned by Tilley
  • State of the art facilities and equipment
  • Full-time lab staff and chemical engineers
  • Trucks and tankers owned by Tilley and operated by our trained, in-house drivers
  • Committed customer service
  • Dedicated rail space
  • A global supply chain network

One of Tilley's dedicated rail cars waiting to be filled with product.

Our Tilley True™ Promise

Tilley True™ is our guarantee that business will be conducted with quality, integrity and commitment every step of the way. Not only is this promise to our customers, but it is also for our team members. We constantly work to ensure our processes, services and products are of the highest quality, efficient and impactful. Whether you are working with our team for blending services or on-time delivery, you will notice our Tilley True™ commitment in how we run our business each day.

We can’t be Tilley True™ without you. Do you have a suggestion for our process? Did a team member go above and beyond to help you? Say something! Contact our team at 1-800-638-6968 or submit our online contact form today to help us strengthen our Tilley True™ promise.