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Why We’re Proud Members of the International Food Additives Council


A lot happens between conceptualizing and delivering a food product to store shelves. Every ingredient undergoes regulatory scrutiny that impacts product availability, formulation, storage and myriad other decision points. All of these factors are designed to ensure consumer health and safety.

Organizations like the International Food Additives Council play a vital role in advocating science and risk-based principles in evaluating food additives, ensuring safety and supporting further research, and collaborating with scientific and regulatory bodies at every step of the review and renewal processes.

What Is IFAC?

IFAC is a US-based association with global membership and reach. Comprised of food ingredient suppliers and end-users, IFAC collaborates with US and international regulatory bodies to facilitate factual decision-making around the thousands of food additives that make the modern food supply possible.

The organization advocates for science-based food-related policies and serves as an intermediary between regulators and manufacturers while providing fact-based information to consumers and other stakeholders.

IFAC’s closest collaborations are focused on initiatives under the respective guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture.

As a global association representing food ingredient manufacturers, IFAC relies on the expertise of its members to help achieve common objectives, including promoting the important roles additives play in ensuring a safe and diverse food supply. We therefore appreciate Tilley Distribution’s strong and longstanding commitment to IFAC and the food ingredient industry. Tilley is a true market leader in providing specialty hydrocolloid products used in foods and beverages, and we greatly value their partnership, which we look forward to enhancing in the future.

– The International Food Additives Council

IFAC’s Industry Leadership

IFAC’s Quality Systems, Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Food Additives and GRAS Substances is a valuable and workable resource for any manufacturer. The IFAC GMP Guide provides voluntary guidelines and best practices that meet or exceed current FDA Food Safety Modernization Act requirements for food additives and delves into the details of food safety at the commercial scale.

Vigorous Research and Analysis

IFAC membership provides access to valuable and rigorous research that shapes public policy and industry practices. IFAC studies like the Phosphorus Intake and Health paper provided insight into real-world dietary phosphorus intake and its impacts. The two-part study examines the health effects of phosphorus intake in household food and beverage products, including bakery items and processed meats.

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Tilley’s Unique Membership Role

Tilley Distribution is the only non-manufacturer that can count itself as an IFAC member. As we continue to learn and contribute to the organization, we’re as committed to maintaining the high standards that have earned our place in the Council. This honor is attributable to our unique technical expertise and exceptional health and safety record. We’re proud of this singular opportunity to contribute to IFAC to the benefit of all members and the health of the general public.

Supporting Clients With a Commitment to Excellence

Tilley Distribution is honored to have earned the trust of the IFAC board and its many members globally. We believe in the collaborative and science-based tenets supported by this organization and relish the opportunity to play a role in its mission. Contact a Tilley representative today to learn more about IFAC and food additives’ role in consumer products.