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Tilley Distribution Announces New Logo, Rebrand and Website Launch

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Baltimore-based Tilley Chemical and Tilley Lubricants have launched a new brand and website under Tilley Distribution and to better serve partners, team members and the community.

Man in lab with Tilley Distribution logo

Baltimore, Maryland –Tilley Distribution is announcing a rebrand that includes a new website, updated company name and refreshed logo. As the company continues to grow, it was an important decision for the brand to evolve with the company. Previously known as Tilley Chemical ( and Tilley Lubricants (, the organization will now be Tilley Distribution and hosted under one website at

“We have been dedicated to our partners and community for more than half a century. As our company changed and evolved, we recognized the need for our brand and logo to evolve too. By launching a new website, updating our logo and redefining Tilley Distribution we can be sure our brand fits our vision and long-term strategy,” said Sean Tilley, Tilley Distribution Vice President and COO.

By hosting products and information for both ingredient and lubricant lines of business on one website, Tilley can help customers build a fully customized solution to fill any gaps in their supply chain. For more information, visit or call us at 800-638-6968.

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