Total Fluid Management

Save time, protect your equipment and boost productivity when you choose Tilley Distribution for lubricant and Coolant analysis service. We analyze fluid health, contamination and metal wear and tear to expose any abnormalities. Then we use the resulting data to build a customized fluid management solution to optimize your operation.

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Lubricant Analysis Process

Testing and analysis are second nature to us. Our team of dedicated chemical engineers tests all products we receive to ensure the product we deliver exceeds your operational needs. Using best in class platforms such as Mobil Serv℠, we can provide a complete fluid management program for your business. By monitoring the condition of lubricants and coolants for wear metals and premature degradation you can reduce the number of PM’s, increase oil drain intervals, reduced downtime and improved productivity.

Total Fluid Management Solutions

Managing a lubrication program is challenging, but our team at Tilley Distribution is committed to working with you to develop a plan. We want to ensure you have the correct lubricants and coolants for your operation and assure you get the most out of them through our total fluid management system. This includes condition monitoring, filtration and effective inventory management through remote monitoring and service schedules.

Filtration Services

Lubricants pick up contaminants when they are transferred from containers, stored improperly, or from normal use. By filtering lubricants before they are put into service, you can ensure that the lubricant is protecting your equipment as intended. Even after the lubricant is in use, these particles can be filtered from the used oil, which can potentially extend the lubricant life to reduce your maintenance costs.

Inventory Management

Tilley works with leading remote monitoring companies to provide real-time bulk inventory management. Having this information at your fingertips will reduce the number of deliveries required and stock-outs. Your inventory will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

Benefits of Total Fluid Management Services

  • Extends drain intervals
  • Identify the right lubricant or coolant for different systems
  • Reduces labor and maintenance costs
  • Decreases waste oil generation and disposal costs
  • Improved equipment reliability
  • Reduce inventoried Items
  • Reduce the number of different vendors
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved product identification
  • Reduced contamination

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Tilley True® Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality can be observed daily through our first-in-class facilities, in-house team of chemical engineers and dedication to best practices. These assets have earned Tilley inclusion in the ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence. Whether you need 600 gallons or 6,000 we are here to support you through every step of the supply chain with our Tilley True® promise.

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