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Introducing Tilley Distribution

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We are excited to announce the launch of a new website and brand refresh. To provide a one-stop solution for customers, suppliers and partners, Tilley Chemical and Tilley Lubricants will now be Tilley Distribution. Both lines of business previously had separate websites; all information will now be on

The Evolution of Tilley Distribution

A lot has changed since Tilley was founded nearly 70 years ago but our core values of quality, integrity and commitment remain the foundation of who we are. This is the Tilley True™ way and we are deeply committed to the success of our manufacturing partners and customers. The decision to make these updates stemmed from supporting you.

The new logo and branding are meant to show the evolution and growth of Tilley as a business. By launching a new website, updating the logo and redefining the company, we can ensure the brand fits our vision and lays out a roadmap of where Tilley is going.

Our New Tilley Distribution Logo

Tilley's old logo compared the new 2020 logo.

Simply enough, the new logo is an evolution of the old logo. The idea was to establish something that felt familiar but marked the beginning of a new era at Tilley. This design felt truly unique to Tilley while preserving some of the original logo features.

In the new Tilley logo, you will see:

  • A modern look and feel
  • An easy to read, bold font
  • A three-dimensional diamond
  • Utilization of two shades of red representing our two divisions

The New

Combining the Tilley Chemical and Tilley Lubricant websites means all Tilley information is in one location. Why is this important? To better serve you. Our different divisions help us provide products and services to clients in multiple industries with the overall goal of building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and the communities in which we work. Having all Tilley information in one place will help us build customized solutions to fill the gaps in your supply chain and provide a smooth customer experience.

In visiting the new website, you will notice:

  • A new name (Tilley Distribution)
  • An updated logo
  • Refreshed branding
  • Additional product details

Ingredient & Lubricant Distributors Near Me

Our team is here to support you with all your ingredient, lubricant and value-added service needs. Whether you are ready to build a customized solution or in need of blending and packaging services, we are here to support you. Contact our team or call us at 1-800-638-6968 to get started today.