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Four Trending Citrus Fragrances for 2024


Citrus-scented fragrances offer a bright, refreshing olfactory experience that has surprising seasonal versatility and an expansive array of applications. From a zesty lemon-scented essential oil during the darker winter months to energizing orange blossom fragrances in summer, citrus’s recent popularity pop is less a surprise and more a trend cycle reaching its peak.

What’s Driving the Citrus Trend?

Citrus fragrance perfumes have been a summer staple for decades. More recently, consumers have turned toward citrus scents during winter months as a way to brighten dark winter days and feel refreshed. Considerable research indicates citrus can have mood-boosting effects, as well as increasing alertness and alleviating fatigue.

The mental health benefits of citrus scents have made specialty citrus ingredients a growing part of various markets, including essential oils and personal care products.

Four Citrus Fragrance Trends to Watch

For over 700 years, citrus oils have lent a sharp, bright scent to perfume formulations. Many fragrance designers are quick to tap citrus oils from oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit to achieve exceptional results for modern perfume designs. Here are a few trending citrus fragrances our manufacturers are leveraging for market success.

1. Mandarin orange fragrances

A vial of citrus fragrance surrounded by sliced oranges.

Mandarin orange lends an especially fruity note to fragrances and is considered a playful alternative to orange blossom. Citrus ingredient suppliers like Florachem rely on a cold-pressed extraction method ahead of formulation. Mandarin orange essential oils are famously versatile and pair well with earthy scents like cedar and spice notes like cinnamon and ginger.

2. Lemon fragrance oils

Like mandarin, lemon-scented fragrances provide a refreshing, zesty note within perfume formulations. Lemon scents are often tempered with a mix of inputs, including other citrus ingredients. Other pairings include bergamot, rosemary, sandalwood and thyme.

3. Grapefruit fragrances

Grapefruit is a fragrance that marries natural grapefruit oils with diverse aroma ingredients, such as valencene. The result is a citrus yet earthy fragrance that combines an interesting mix of sweet, bitter and tart. In addition to its growing popularity as the marquee note in fine perfumes, the grapefruit profile lends itself neatly to cosmetic applications.

4. Lime fragrances

Perhaps the most underrated citrus fragrance, lime has a strong record as a perfume ingredient. Lime colognes date back to the 1850s when perfumeries like Taylor of Old Bond Street leaned heavily on lime essence as an exotic, unique cologne ingredient. Lime oil and its various formulations typically play a minor role in most perfumes today, often included in citrus blends or paired with bergamot.

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