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Finished Lubricants Allocation? Tilley Distribution Can Get You the Product You Need

A crude oil tanker floats in the ocean at a refinery.

When it comes to finished lubricant products, 2021 has been the perfect storm for disruption in the industry.

The bout of extreme cold weather across the Texas Gulf Coast followed by increased lubricant demand, additive and base oil shortages, increased costs in packaging materials, and a tight transportation market have resulted in some in the industry wondering when allocations will be placed on finished lubricant products.

While this supply disruption is expected to continue through July and potentially further into the year as additive manufacturers and base oil suppliers return to normal levels, Tilley is working with customers to secure access to both Mobil and MileGuard lubricants and coolants.

“While it’s certainly a challenging time, we are dedicated to making sure our customers’ businesses can continue to operate and equipment can stay in service,” said Wayne Haviland, Lubricants Business Manager at Tilley.

Despite limited allocations on finished lubricant products, Tilley is monitoring all products and working with our customers to ensure supply and find a suitable alternative product that doesn’t compromise performance.

Over its decades in business, Tilley has developed strong relationships with a number of suppliers, allowing the company to offer many different options to its growing customer base.

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