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DOW Heat Transfer Fluids – Saving You Time and Money


The benefits of using Dow heat transfer fluids, Dowfrost and Dowtherm, are vast. Dow Chemical manufactures top of the line products that are backed by years of trial and error, expert stewardship and cutting edge science. Dowfrost and Dowtherm are no different.

The science behind these items is very complex, but the math is simple. They will save you time and money.

Dowfrost, made with DOW PuraGuard Propylene Glycol, and Dowtherm, made with 100% virgin ethylene glycol, are both formulated with heavy-duty industrial inhibitor packages that prevent corrosion. So, mix water and straight propylene glycol? That will wreak havoc on your system until you have a big, expensive problem on your hands. Use Dowfrost with the inhibitor package and enjoy peace of mind.

If there is a leak in your system, Dow’s heat transfer fluids are dyed fluorescent pink so you easily see where the leak is.

Dowfrost is commonly used in situations where contact with food and beverage could possibly occur such as fermentation cooling and immersion freezing. Other suitable applications for Dowfrost are single fluid process heating and cooling, and closed-loop, water based HVAC applications where propylene glycol solutions are preferred.

Dowtherm can be used in thermally demanding applications where long fluid life is required and also in HVAC, process heating and cooling and food industry applications. Your salesman will help you determine which material is right for you!

As previously mentioned, aside from the sheer quality of the glycols used, the inhibitor package featured in these products is what truly sets them apart. It’s worth noting that they are easily maintained, long lasting and replenishable, so intervals between fluid change outs are extended and fluid expense is minimized.

This brings us back to our key point. Dow heat transfer fluids will save you both time and money.