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The Endless Possibilities of Guar Gum


When we eat our favorite foods, we often indulge in the incredible flavors and delicate textures, but pay little attention to the ingredients that make them possible.

Guar Gum is one such iingredient that helps make our favorite foods work.

Guar Gum is created from ground seeds of the Guar bean, and it is useful across many culinary applications. Guar Gum works to increase dough yield and enhance texture in baked goods, it works as an excellent binding agent in meat products, in dairy items Guar Gum can work as a thickener, not to mention the benefit it has on the appearance of condiments.

Guar beans are very prevalent in India, a leading producer of Guar Gum, but Pakistan is where the climate to grow healthy Guar beans is perfect. Tilley sources their Guar Gum from Haji Dossa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium Guar Gum. Tilley has forged a strong partnership with Haji Dossa over the years so that we can ensure we will have product when you need it…and with the infinite applications of Guar Gum we’re sure you’ll soon be using it as a go to ingredient!

If you have any questions regarding Guar Gum, please speak to your Sales Rep and they will be happy to assist you!