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Safety First!

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Tilley Chemical strives to lead the Chemical and Oil and Lube industries in quality, customer service and safety. Delivering your products to you in pristine condition is paramount for your success and we understand that. This is why we have safety training demonstrations to ensure that our staff can serve you without issue.

This week we took to our warehouse lot to demonstrate how to properly secure totes to forklifts while moving. In this first video, you’ll see things didn’t go so well…

Please note, we did not use actual product for this demonstration, just water!

When our driver came to a halt, the improperly secured tote slid off. This would have been a costly and dangerous mistake had this been the real thing, so in the next video, we show the proper way to fasten a tote.

These videos are used for training purposes to reinforce the importance of safety to our employees, and to help demonstrate the Tilley way to new hires.