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Women In The C-Suite: Allison Weir Named CHRO

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Tilley Distribution named Allison Weir as Chief of Human Resources Officer not to highlight our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitments but to keep our entire organization on track to stay true to the cause. Weir’s strong female leadership, corporate experience in the aeronautics industry and vision for the future make her a vital part of the Tilley leadership team and bring a woman’s perspective to the C-suite.

Female Representation Lags Behind DEI Goals

Women are underrepresented in decision-making executive roles in most industries. A recent study examining more than 1,600 publicly-traded companies in 20 countries found that women fill fewer than 5% of CEO roles. Women occupy only 19.2% of C-suite positions, though female board representation in the U.S. is slightly more equitable at 31.1%.

Companies with women in the C-suite benefit from unique perspectives, ideas and experiences that all-male teams lack. We know things need to change. We know the importance of women in leadership positions and we are making a lasting commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at every level of our organization that positions Tilley Distribution to thrive.

Meet Allison Weir, CHRO at Tilley Distribution

We spoke with Allison to learn more about her motivation for leading Tilley’s Human Resources efforts, her goals for the company and the challenges she has faced up to this point in her career.

What made you decide to join Tilley?

It’s an exciting time to be at Tilley Distribution! In a short period of time, Tilley has grown substantially and with growth comes great opportunities for all stakeholders – suppliers, customers, and employees. The increased reach and product lines position Tilley as best in class for its suppliers and customers and provide new opportunities for employees to grow. Being part of the integration to achieve a common culture and grow the organization is a unique opportunity that I am honored to be part of.

Why leave the space/aeronautics industry for distribution?

Throughout my career, I have worked in several industries – Aerospace and Defense, Gaming & Hospitality, Academia, and non-profit, among others. I enjoy learning new industries and understanding how each business operates, all the while connecting the dots to previous experiences and understanding how things tie together. Most importantly, I discovered early in my career that every industry is fueled by the same thing – great talent.

There is a lot of momentum in the distribution business right now and the work we do is critical for other organizations to thrive.

What are the current recruiting challenges Tilley and the wider industry are facing right now?

Tilley faces similar challenges as other companies across all industries, and that is finding and retaining top talent while balancing the needs of our employees with the needs of the business. Certain areas are harder to fill than others, but what matters most is the work the team is doing to retain our current talent. 

What are the biggest needs of current employees?

Tilley leadership has been committed to learning what matters most to employees. Every employee has a different priority as to what matters to them – employee engagement and retention are very personal. What one employee may be looking for is different than another. 

During the types of changes and rapid growth Tilley has experienced, employees are looking to understand how the changes will impact them. Tilley leadership has been out in front with employees, and we will continue to do this moving into Q4 2022 and 2023. As we grow, it’s even more important to feel connected to the legacy that has brought us to where we are today.  

How does HR facilitate the ongoing integration work between legacy companies?

The Tilley HR team has done a tremendous amount of work already to integrate the various organizations. The team has assessed and defined common policies, procedures, systems, benefits, and the list goes on. Culture, roles and responsibilities will be a primary focus for the remainder of this year and early next year as we continue to learn about each other and share best practices across organizations. Additionally, scaling an organization inherently creates new positions and opportunities for our talent to grow. 

What goals are you setting for yourself in your new role?

In the near term, I am learning the business and our talent as quickly as I can. I enjoyed visiting several of the sites and look forward to seeing my remaining teammates over the coming weeks. Being on-site is the best way to understand the culture, or, how it feels coming to work.

In the next year, the HR team will work through several work streams with the goal of ensuring we have the right tools, resources and infrastructure to recruit, retain and develop the talent of the future.

How does DEI impact your decision-making as CHRO?

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) are at the forefront of all decisions we make as Leadership and HR teams and are the foundation for building trust. Every person has a unique background with different experiences and to be successful, we need to ensure we’re creating a culture where team members can bring their ideas forward. When we’re in a room with employees, we aspire to create an environment where feedback can be shared openly.

Inclusiveness Brings More Perspectives and Ideas to the Table

Tilley Distribution’s DEI&B goals are a road map to a more equitable and responsible future. We are excited to prioritize women’s leadership at the highest levels of our company. We invite you to learn more about our diversity commitments to our team members and industry. Speak with a Tilley representative today.

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