Tilley technician working on a tank in the clean room.

Quality & Safety

At Tilley Distribution, quality and safety aren’t just our standards; they’re also our way of life. Our QA/QC process starts at the very beginning by making sure we are working with partners, clients and customers who share our values. This allows us to provide top-quality products that exceed expectations.

Our QA/QC Team

Our full-time QA/QC staff ensures that all inbound and outbound products meet our producers’ specifications as well as our customers’ expectations. We also work to ensure all handling, processing and packaging of products uphold quality, maintain integrity, protect the environment and promote safety.

Our Awards & Certifications

We don’t just say we value QA/QC, we have the certifications and awards to prove it. We take extreme pride in the work we do to make sure Tilley operates responsibility. Explore our list of awards and certifications to learn what Tilley is doing to promote a culture that is constantly inspired by quality and safety.

See SQF Our Certificate

Our Safety Standards

At Tilley, we have very active insurers who provide us with monthly safety training and periodic audits of our operations and delivery practices. This doesn’t just keep us accountable for our safety standards, it also helps our whole team keep safety at the forefront of everything we do. Additionally, our NACD RD certification requires us to have a robust and up-to-date safety protocol.

Quality, Delivered.

At Tilley, we do more than provide high-quality ingredients for world-class manufacturers. Our customers rely on us to keep their plants running in times of unpredictable demand. We continuously strive to be experts in the markets we serve, so we can be the trusted and reliable partner to our suppliers and customers.