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Soy Proteins: Ingredients not Additives


Tilley Chemical is pleased to offer ADM Soy Proteins.

So, how can soy proteins work for you? They are vegetable proteins that are a great alternative to meat and dairy products, while bringing even more versatility to the table. Soy proteins are low in fat, lactose free, vegetarian and have zero cholesterol.

While the benefits of using soy proteins are vast, the applications for use is even greater.

Soy proteins can be ingredients in beef patties, chicken patties, chili, meatballs, chicken nuggets, cereal, nutritional bars and many, many more.

They serve as a meat extending, low-fat ingredient, a moisture retention agent, and can improve texture and viscosity.

ADM product names for these items are Soy Flour, Bakers Soy, Arcon, TVP and ProFam. Soy Flour and Bakers Soy are minimally processed so flours used in baking applications. Arcon and TVP are functional soy concentrates with a minimum of 65% soy protein. They are best used in meat and poultry applications. ProFam are isolated soy proteins with a minimum of 90% protein content. ProFam is used primarily to increase nutritional value. TVP are de-fatted soy flours.

If you have any questions about which product is right for you, your sales rep will be happy to assist!