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CreaFill: Offering Healthy Solutions and Much More


Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner, this means cookouts, picnics and great food with friends and family.

Some consumers may feel that dietary restrictions or an attempt to eat healthier during the warm weather months might not allow them to partake in some of the chips, cakes, and sandwiches that come along with these festivities, but Tilley offers a solution to those issues.

CreaFill products offer CreaFibe, an insoluble dietary fiber choice, and CreaSplend, which has both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber content for foods.  While adding healthy dietary fiber to foods is a great start, CreaFill products go way beyond that.

CreaFibe is the most versatile dietary fiber on the market. It can be used to keep baked goods moist, keep chips from breaking under the weight of a hearty dip, and it will even reduce caloric content in foods. CreaFibe is offered in grades ranging from powder to longer fibers depending on the application. The CreaFibe family of fibers offers something for every application with fibers including oat, wheat, cellulose and bamboo.

CreaSplend is a supremely healthy option that offers a natural, non-gmo, Kosher and Halal certified ingredient which has the consistency of flour, but is gluten free! Much like CreaFibe, CreaSplend works wonders in food. CreaSplend is ideal for creamy desserts, prepared meats and filled pastas. CreaSplend will enhance flavor and mouthfeel and build viscosity.

These two items are truly remarkable and necessary products across all types of food. When customers clamor for healthy, tasty options, CreaFibe and CreaSplend will do the trick.

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