Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is a natural ingredient that has found a versatile role within the food and beverage industries. Gellan Gum’s properties make it a multifunctional gelling agent that offer stability and unique textures. To meet the growing need for organic-compliant and sustainable ingredients, more producers rely on this gelling agent for clean label food manufacturing solutions.

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Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is available in high-acyl and low-acyl grades, which are distinguished by further processing. Both types of gellan gum are exudates derived from the fermentation process of certain microorganisms.

High-acyl gellan gum – This type, also referred to as native gellan, is recovered after fermentation through a process called alcohol precipitation. High-acyl gellan gum yields a soft, elastic gel after heating and cooling. This gel is particularly versatile due to its thermal reversibility and suspension properties.

Low-acyl gellan gum – Like high-acyl, this grade also solubilizes when heated. But once cooled, it forms firm, thermally stable gels. Low-acyl gellan gum requires calcium to produce maximum gel strength.

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Gellan Gum Application

Gellan gum’s characteristics make it a valuable ingredient in food production, personal care products, and other applications.

In food manufacturing, Gellan is a popular choice in:

  • Gelled Confections
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Plant Based Beverages
  • RTD Protein Beverages
  • Fruit Juices
  • Sauces
  • Salad Dressings
  • Yogurts
  • Confectionary Foods
  • Fruit Preparations
  • Spreadable Jams
  • Low-Sugar Jams
  • Bake-Stable Jams
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Is Gellan Gum kosher?

Gellan gum can be certified kosher upon request. This certification may not meet requirements in all countries.

Is Gellan Gum halal?

Gellan gum can be certified halal upon request. This certification may not meet requirements in all countries.

Is Gellan Gum vegan?

Gellan gum is gluten-free allowed. Further gellan gum can be certified vegan upon request. This certification may not meet requirements in all countries.

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