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Florachem Names Tilley Distribution Its Primary Supply Chain Partner

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Florachem is a case study of success. The Jacksonville-based specialty ingredients firm has enjoyed transformative growth over the past three years, turning expanded operations into global opportunities. Since 2021, the company has expanded operations to nearby Lakeland, Florida, and made several strategic investments in new products to support clients in the flavor and fragrance space.

They’ve also found a smart way to get their product to market: a new partnership with Tilley Distribution.

Tilley Delivers Value as Florachem Partner

Tilley is proud to be Florachem Corporation’s primary distribution channel across markets. This close-knit partnership is a win for our organizations and, most importantly, our customers. Florachem customers now have access to Tilley’s sales team, Technical Fellows, proprietary distribution network and value-added services.

Florachem’s unique portfolio of offerings serves a diverse customer base that includes Fortune 500s and niche manufacturers representing industries like industrial processing, oilfield services, and food and beverage manufacturing. Florachem’s Lakeland facility opened in 2022 and has expanded its flavor and fragrance capabilities with an emphasis on natural ingredients.

More About Florachem

The Leading Supplier of Citrus and Pine Ingredients

As consumers demand natural, eco-friendly products across markets, Florachem’s citrus and pine ingredients are an immediate differentiator. The citrus portfolio includes d-limonene, several orange oil formulations, and other citrus specialties. Pine-based products like gum terpene and camphene are equally in demand, notably as antimicrobial ingredients in food, cosmetics, and medicine.

Strategic Alignment to Redefine the Industry

Shared values of quality, integrity, and service have helped bring Tilley and Florachem together. For Florachem, SK Capital’s acquisition of the brand marked an important and immediate change of pace. Mirroring Tilley’s rapid growth, SK Capital worked with Florachem’s President and CEO, Jon Leonard, and the wider leadership team to establish new goals and opportunities.

Meet Tilley Distribution, Your Go-To Source for Florachem Products

We invite Florachem’s past and prospective customers to see what Tilley brings to the table. Our global distribution resources and technical expertise add value to Florachem’s market-leading products. Let’s start a conversation; speak with a Tilley representative today and learn more about our specialty ingredients catalog.