Quality Flavor Ingredients, Delivered

With decades of experience offering custom food flavoring solutions and building a global distribution network, Tilley Distribution is the flavor ingredients partner who says yes. With an expansive catalog of flavor ingredients and custom formulation capabilities, we have positioned ourselves to offer more than just ingredients: we offer our partners solutions. We are the distribution partner you can grow with.

Specialty Ingredients for Flavor Applications

  • Acai Berry
  • ACDC Terpene BLEND
  • Apple Cider TYPE
  • Bubblegum TYPE
  • Cherry TYPE
  • Clove
  • Dark Roast Espresso TYPE
  • French Vanilla TYPE
  • Gelato Terpene BLEND
  • Honey Cinnamon Type
  • Key Lime Pie TYPE
  • Orange Cream Terpene BLEND
  • Pie Crust TYPE
  • Snickerdoodle TYPE
  • Thin Mint Cookies
  • Vanilla Bean TYPE

Solutions for All Your Flavor Ingredient Applications

We source quality flavor ingredients so our manufacturing partners can create the best possible end product. Tilley Distribution sources, stores, and transports ingredients to several food and beverage categories, including:

  • Bakery products
  • Beverage products
  • CBD
  • Confectionary products
  • Dairy and dairy alternatives
  • Meat and poultry products
  • Prepared and finished food products
  • Sports & Nutrition

Why Choose Tilley Distribution as Your Flavor Ingredient Supplier?

We’re more than a product list. Tilley Distribution offers value-added services to streamline your processes, reduce operating costs, and deliver higher-quality products on time. Our services to support your growth include:

Quality Ingredients, Delivered

Tilley Distribution has built strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to create an end-to-end supply chain with a shared interest in growth, improvement, and quality. Each link in the chain grows stronger when we all work together. As your distribution partner, we invest in warehousing, technical support and customer service to ensure our shared success.

Talk to a Tilley Distribution representative today and source your flavor ingredients wholesale. 

Flavor Ingredients – Frequently Asked Questions

What are natural flavors in food ingredients?

All flavor ingredients, including those used in food applications, are categorized into four basic types:

  1. Natural Extract – This means a flavor is 100% direct from the source. Natural extracts are also referred to as “from the named fruit,” or FTNF.
  2. Natural Flavor WONF – This denotes that the food ingredient includes natural extracts from the named fruit and other natural flavors. An example might be Apple WONF, which might describe natural apple extract with natural blueberry.
  3. Natural Flavor Type: For “type” flavors, all ingredients are natural, but the named fruit is not included. These are often derived from other fruit or botanical raw ingredients to mimic the flavor of the named fruit.
  4. Natural and Artificial – Also known as “N&A,” natural and artificial includes a natural ingredient supplemented with artificial ingredients.

Are terpenes found in food?

Terpenes are a natural compound found in plants. Terpenes characterize the aroma of fruit or spice. Terpenes are also a critical element in the crafting of essential oils. Today, they have also become an important part of tailoring unique flavors of CBD oils and other cannabis products. Flavor ingredients with terpene will include the abbreviation TERP in the product description. Flavor ingredient companies like Tilley Distribution also work hard to stay ahead of regulatory changes pertaining to CBD oil manufacturing.

What are the most popular flavor ingredients?

Flavor ingredient trends change constantly based on dynamic consumer tastes. Talk with a Tilley representative for industry forecasts predicting flavor ingredient popularity shifts. Some of the most popular flavor ingredients today are:

  • Blood Orange TYPE
  • Bourbon Vanilla TYPE
  • Ginger Flavor
  • Lemon Cheesecake Flavor
  • Strawberry Terpene Blend
  • Toasted Coconut TYPE
  • Wedding Cake Flavor

Quality, Delivered.

At Tilley, we do more than provide high-quality ingredients for world-class manufacturers. Our customers rely on us to keep their plants running in times of unpredictable demand. We continuously strive to be experts in the markets we serve, so we can be the trusted and reliable partner to our suppliers and customers.

If you’re looking for this type of partner, let’s speak today.