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Product Spotlight: MS-10, a Menopause Support Ingredient


Manufacturers in women’s health and beauty supplements are constantly prioritizing safe, reputable product ingredients. With a market valuation of $56.02 billion in 2023, the women’s health and beauty supplements market is shifting to meet the needs of an older and more discerning consumer base.

In the very near future, natural menopause supplements will play an increasingly important role in every manufacturer’s product lineup, and MS-10 from Famenity is a proven foundation for any such offering.

Addressing the Health and Wellness Needs of Older Americans

By 2040, more than 80.8 million Americans will be 65 or older, more than double the number of seniors in 2000. As the US population ages, manufacturers in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are adjusting their catalogs to meet changing health concerns of a graying demographic landscape.

That sweeping change has put new pressure on – and provided new opportunities for – manufacturers to create safe, effective, natural supplements for menopause.

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Proven to Alleviate Menopause Symptoms

Famenity’s MS-10 surpassed expectations throughout two 12-week clinical trials, reducing menopause symptoms by 48%. It relieved some of the most common symptoms even more effectively, including:

  • 61% improvement in hot flashes
  • 51% improvement in vertigo
  • 53% improvement in formication

MS-10 also decreased cortisol levels by 16% over 12 weeks, reducing stress and anxiety related to menopause.

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MS-10: Ingredient Information

MS-10 is a proprietary blend of Korean Thistle and Thyme Extract. The powder ingredient is manufactured via hydroethanolic extraction and spray drying and is approved by the regulatory bodies of Korea, the US, Canada and India.

MS-10 Product FAQs

See what makes MS-10 a versatile ingredient for our manufacturing partners.

What is the shelf life of MS-10?

MS-10 has a three-year shelf life. Famenity recommends retesting samples after three years. Always store the raw material in a cool, dry, dark place.

How does it taste?

MS-10 is water soluble and exhibits a slightly bitter but favorable taste; many subjects compare the flavor to herbal tea.

In what quantities is MS-10 available for distribution?

Tilley Distribution delivers MS-10 in 10kg quantities.

What dosage forms can MS-10 take?

MS-10 can be engineered in liquid, gummy, powder and other dosage forms. Our technical team can help you optimize usage amounts based on the application.

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