Commercial Fleets

As a major distribution company, we know how important it is to keep your vehicles and equipment running at peak performance. Any amount of downtime can cause bottlenecks in productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. That’s why it’s our mission to provide premium motor oil, transmission fluid, tractor hydraulic fluid, gear lubricants and greases for commercial fleet operators on time and on spec – every time.

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Heavy Duty Lubricants for Commercial Fleets

Tilley Distribution is a premier distributor of Mobil and MileGuard motor oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, gear oils, coolants, and greases. Our first-in-class facilities, modern fleet of company-owned tank trucks and commitment to best practices have earned Tilley inclusion in the ExxonMobil Circle of Excellence. Whether you’re managing a fleet of delivery trucks or heavy-duty farm equipment, Tilley is the first choice for your heavy-duty fleet lubricant needs.

How can we help your commercial fleet equipment – and business – run more efficiently?

If you don’t see a product that you’re looking for, give us a call or fill out our contact form. There’s a good chance we have it in the warehouse or can get it for you. Bulk distribution (tank truck, drum, case, keg and tote packaging) is also available.

Explore our heavy-duty/commercial fleet products below.

Heavy Duty Motor Oil

Tilley True® Commitment to Quality

  • Bulk, tote, drum, keg, and case service
  • Company-owned and -operated delivery assets
  • Extensive inventory and SQF Certified distribution centers
  • JIT delivery
  • Fully staffed quality control lab
  • Experienced team of supply chain and logistics professionals

We deeply understand what it takes to maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles – we do it ourselves. At Tilley, our team of supply chain professionals and chemical engineers maintain the highest standards for product integrity and efficient distribution. Whether you need 6,000 gallons or a 5-gallon pail, we work with you to make sure your delivery arrives exactly when you need it – without any interruptions to your business.

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Quality, Delivered.

At Tilley, we do more than provide high-quality ingredients for world-class manufacturers. Our customers rely on us to keep their plants running in times of unpredictable demand. We continuously strive to be experts in the markets we serve, so we can be the trusted and reliable partner to our suppliers and customers.

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